Welcome to CLS 4-Text

Software localizations and translations are not off-the-shelf products; instead, they consist of professional services specially customized for your production processes. 4-Text's modern technology and specialized expertise ensure that integration into your established production process is seamless. Allow us to put our experience to work for you.

CLS 4-Text at a glance

  • Originally founded in 1997 under the name “4-Text Software-Lokalisierung und technische Übersetzungen GmbH”
  • Acquired by CLS Communication in 2013, 4-Text is now CLS 4-Text
  • Annual translation volume of approx. 150 million words
  • Over 60 permanent employees at our Berlin location
  • Over 200 freelance in-house translators
  • In-house philosophy
  • Seamless integration of the translation workflow into your company's processes and structures
  • Proprietary translation technology
  • On-the-job apprenticeships
  • Certified according to ISO 17100:2015
  • Certified according to ISO 9001:2015